Advanced Routing, Automatic triage

Transforming case assignments with Vault’s Advanced Routing

It’s vital for reports of misconduct to be directed to the right case manager as quickly as possible, to swiftly start the investigation process.

Here at Vault, we also realise it can be a tricky and inefficient manual process without the right tools.

That’s why we’ve built our new Advanced Routing feature.

A game changer for case management

This enhancement will help evolve your organisation’s operational efficiency, supporting Ethics and Compliance Managers and all teams involved in investigations.

Get started with Advanced Routing to:

  • Automatically assign cases as soon as they’re submitted
  • Push all cases to a single individual for initial assessment
  • Get case management moving in a swift, speedy, and effective manner

For more details on how it works, check out Advanced Routing HERE.

What does Vault Platform’s case management system do?

Vault’s innovative all-in-one case management system helps internal investigators gather and structure case data so it can be read, understood, and acted on easily and effectively.

Reports submitted by employees (or indeed suppliers, contractors or customers) are routed to the most appropriate case manager, who is then notified to begin the investigation process. 

All incident information, including evidence, is gathered and stored in the Vault Resolution Hub to streamline the investigation process. Then, case managers can directly communicate with reporters from within the report itself, maintaining anonymity.

All of this feeds into an active approach to integrity that can maximize your resources, resolve your hotspots and prevent further wrongdoing.

What do ethics and compliance professionals say?

To understand a little more about the benefits of Vault’s case management system, it’s useful to read what Will Randle, OVO Energy’s Director of Risk & Compliance, says of Vault:

“The ability to add manual reports, surface our Speaking Out policy, and use modern case management tools allows us to generate extremely granular insight into our ethics and compliance position. It’s really boosted our credibility and trust amongst employees.”

Read the case study in full

Want to learn more about quicker, more efficient case management? 

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