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    5 ways HR can boost workplace inclusion and equality

    - by Vault Platform

    With so much focus on inclusion, diversity, and equality at work, how can HR really make a difference in the ‘new normal’?
    Join us and hear from our experts about how COVID-19 has impacted the equality agenda and what HR can do about it; what it means for your business to have a diverse and inclusive workforce; and how to create an effective speak up culture where employees feel confident being themselves

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    The Discrimination Issue

    Vault Magazine: The Discrimination Issue

    - by Neta Meidav

    The Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world in a manner never seen before. Social lockdown, mass business closure, widespread unemployment, and for many of those still in jobs a shift to working remotely. Now, as large swathes of the global workforce move to a working from home model, employers are faced with a new challenge – that the vector for workplace discrimination will shift in parallel with the main mode of communication.

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    Safety program at work

    Diversity is like a workplace safety program

    - by Neta Meidav

    If you had a series of accidents in your company that resulted in lawsuits and reputational damage, you would create a systemic program looking at work redesign, communications, training, metrics, rewards, and incident reporting. Diversity in business is no different and should be treated like a safety program.

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    end systemic racism

    The equality agenda is being set back. What can HR do about it?

    - by Neta Meidav

    As the dual impact of COVID-19 and systemic discrimination continues to be felt by businesses worldwide, concerns are growing that the equity and equality agenda has been set back by years.

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    New Technologies

    New Technologies to Manage Workplace Diversity

    - by Neta Meidav

    Watch the Women in Tech panel session that took place at the HR Technology conference in Las Vegas, October 2019. With speakers from Bersin by Deloitte, Vault, CuroComp, and Ultimate Software.