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    A culture of respect needs the right tools as well as the right tone

    - by James Middleton

    This week saw the swearing-in of US President Joe Biden, who set a strong tone for inclusion and respect when he warned that any political appointee showing disrespect would be fired on the spot. Conduct is set out by your policies and codes and sets the framework and the boundaries for how your people are expected to behave in the workplace. But conduct doesn’t guarantee behavior – this is where culture comes in. 

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    Business integrity is not optional and silence is the enemy

    - by Vault Platform

    “Recognize that integrity is not an optional subject anymore. You’ve got to get over your discomfort as a leader and recognize that silence and ambiguity are the enemies of integrity. This is part of the leadership that your employees and the world need from you.”

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    Speak up culture

    4 steps to an effective speak up program

    - by Neta Meidav

    Every organization will have misconduct at some point in some form, it’s a statistical probability and has little bearing on how ‘good’ a culture is. So a good speak up program becomes about uncovering or surfacing misconduct and resolving it before it grows and enables a toxic culture. 

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    Vault app

    Three ways to humanize the speaking up process

    - by Neta Meidav

    Any organization that wants to nurture an environment where employees feel psychologically safe, must build foundations on internal trust